The Liberators


The saga of the Liberators, a name derived from a fictitious spaceship from 1970’s space opera Blake’s 7, is one that dates back to 2011, under the entirely different pseudonym “Blueprint”.

The brainchild of front-man Rob Moore and co-vocalist/guitarist Aaron Miles, the Bristol covers band was a concept put into practice just once during an end-of-college-year celebration. Whilst the aforementioned are the only two surviving original members, the band’s personality has been shaped many times throughout its history and captured the hearts of many in all of its various incarnations.

Classic Rock acts such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis formed the foundation for The Liberators to build their own personality and setlist upon. Eventually the setlist would migrate to far more modern Pop Rock acts such as Franz Ferdinand, Blur, The Killers and Arctic Monkeys, as well as including a middle ground of classic 70’s / 80’s artists like Kiss, Def Leppard and Queen.

Some of the best songs from many of your favourite Rock artists form the essentials of The Liberators’ repertoire, but if it gets your toes tapping, your head banging or your fists pounding, you can be sure to find it at the show!

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