The Scorchers


Although The Scorchers Rocksteady Band™ formed in 2017, the band’s musicians and singers each have enjoyed many years of professional performances, touring, and recording sessions. Individual band members have toured with well-known artists and bands over the past 25 years, including performances at festivals, clubs, private parties, and corporate events in the U.K. and abroad.

The Scorchers are influenced by early Jamaican Rocksteady, Ska, and Reggae, melding these Jamaican rhythms into a fresh new sound, blending original lyrics and exceptional melodies to form a new and fresh sound – The Scorchers sound! ​

The Scorchers Rocksteady Band released their debut album, ROCKSTEADY REVOLUTION, on 30th Oct 2022. The album has 12 original tracks and features FREDDY NOTES on “It’s A Scorcher.”

The album is fresh and adventurous, and the songs are from the heart. If you like Rocksteady, Ska, and/or Reggae, ROCKSTEADY REVOLUTION is for you.​

We are proud of the album, and hope you enjoy it. Head over to our Store where you can buy the album ROCKSTEADY REVOLUTION album and share with your friends!

The album was engineered and produced by Ian Dunston and Steve Carley, lyrics written, and music composed by Steve Carley, Ian Dunston, John Leonel with Scorchers band members.

Combined with their original songs, The Scorchers’ performances include popular vintage Rocksteady, Ska, and Reggae covers from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

The Scorchers continue to attract more fans, are getting more radio plays and interviews, articles in magazines, festival and club performances, and private events.

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